Students dissatisfied: Maclean’s

By Sara Hanson

University of Calgary students are generally less satisfied with their university experience than students from other institutions across Canada, according to the April 2 issue of Maclean’s magazine.

The results of three national student surveys that questioned more than 70,000 Canadian university students were published in the second annual University Student Issue.

The U of C participated in the Canadian Undergraduate Survey Consortium, which sent a questionnaire to a random sampling of 1,000 students who are graduating this spring. In the sections asking students if they are very satisfied with the overall quality of their education and whether or not they would recommend their university to others, the U of C ranked at the bottom of the list.

Twenty-one per cent of U of C students who were surveyed ‘agreed strongly’ that their learning experience has been intellectually stimulating, and 18 per cent ‘agreed strongly’ with the statement ‘I am satisfied with the quality of teaching I have received.’ Sixty-four per cent of U of C respondents said their experience at the U of C has met their expectations, while 10 per cent said their experience has exceeded their expectations.

Twenty-three universities participated in the CUSC survey.

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