Cradle of Filth

By Robin Ianson

It’s easy to dismiss Cradle of Filth as a crude and disgusting band with no talent, but that’s only a half truth. Their infamous “Jesus is a Cunt” band t-shirts, complemented with the image of a topless masturbating nun, immediately put them on the blacklist of every church and parent group. However, as twisted and sick as they are, Cradle have talent to spare and it shows on their seventh album, Thornography.

Cradle of Filth are not ones to let their controversial reputation go to waste. Thornography features Cradle’s favourite topics: Satanism, fetishism, necrophilia, incest and, of course, bestiality. Front man Dani Filth’s wailing and shrieking is a perfect match for the disgusting lyrics and the muscular, grinding guitars. With their cover of Heaven 17ïž´S synth-pop song Temptation, Cradle have accomplished the impossible: making heavy metal sexy. Their slinky half-goth, half-disco Queen cover is infectious and is a startling departure from their usual aggressive style.

Even after seven albums, Cradle of Filth still have a few tricks up their sleeve and don’t plan on going away anytime soon, much to the disappointment of the easily-offended.

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