Pedestrian lights added to dangerous road

By Sara Hanson

Residence Services is taking the next step to ensure pedestrian safety around the University of Calgary’s family housing complex. The university announced Tues., March 27 that Residence Services is fronting the cost of crosswalk safety measures that the City of Calgary warranted for the intersection at 32 Ave. and 37 St. NW. Immediately following the… Continue reading Pedestrian lights added to dangerous road

Is journalism dead?

By Todd Andre

On April 20, the death of Life magazine will resurrect anxieties surrounding print journalism’s future. Once a powerful producer of what Walter Lippman called “the pictures inside of our heads,” Life spent over 70 years interpreting the unseen world through stunning photographs and analytical articles. What was once a pillar of strength holding up the… Continue reading Is journalism dead?

Poisoning by putrid perfume

By Emily Senger

Every transit rider who has the unfortunate experience of getting sandwiched between the guy who must have eaten a clove of garlic for breakfast and the 13-year-old who hasn’t yet discovered deodorant knows transit rides are often an olfactory adventure. The Calgary Herald’s front page news story “Perfume gets rider booted to back of bus,… Continue reading Poisoning by putrid perfume

Letter: You can help the disabled!

By Sharon Malott

Editor, the Gauntlet, No one knows if or when you or a loved one could become disabled and unable to work. If you should become disabled, you will probably end up on a combination of provincial and federal disability benefits. Did you know that provincial disability benefits are non taxable, but the federal disability pension… Continue reading Letter: You can help the disabled!

Editorial: 300 ways to anger Iran

By Kyle Francis

The film 300 is a lot of things. It is borderline racist, possibly misogynist and doubtlessly homoerotic. It is also, in the unintentionally meaningful words of a 15-year-old who shuffled along in front of me as we exited the theatre, “fucking rad.” The film depicts outrageously-muscled, obviously-white Europeans viciously slaughtering a superior invading force of… Continue reading Editorial: 300 ways to anger Iran

The Host: A Korean monster masterpiece

By Amanda Hu

The Host is an energetic and captivating, sea beast-filled frolic through the often-kitschy genre of Korean science fiction. With innovative moments that hint at an emerging sense of greatness from the small country’s National Cinema, The Host may just well be one of the best monster films in recent history. Showcasing a surprisingly fluid mix… Continue reading The Host: A Korean monster masterpiece

Radiant City: Radiant City lights up Calgary theatres

By Kevin de Vlaming

Radiant City will soon be bringing the surreal, artificial sensibilities of suburbia into theatres across the country. The film, billed as a documentary on suburban sprawl, unites the journalistic background of co-filmmaker Jim Brown with the cinematic experience of his filmmaking counterpart Gary Burns. Alliance Atlantis has secured distribution rights across North America, and Radiant… Continue reading Radiant City: Radiant City lights up Calgary theatres