Spun: Psyopus

Every metal fan knows at least one person who thinks their musical tastes are hard, that guy who claims to listen to “heavy shit,” and his shit is always heavier than yours. That new band you like? Pussy garbage compared to this guy’s shit. His tastes only extend to the heaviest, harshest, most technical metal that exists. His life revolves around how extreme his music is, and this directly correlates with his superiority. Next time that pompous metalhead gloats about how fucking “core” he is, laugh and knock him in the skull with Our Puzzling Encounters Considered.

Psyopus’ follow-up to their critically acclaimed Ideas of Reference picks up where they left off, pushing the boundaries of speed, technique and metal in general. An interesting mix of styles culminate in an offensive sound. Guitar riffs so difficult they would be challenging for an experienced player at half-tempo characterize the album. As a whole, Our Puzzling Encounters Considered is an insanity-driven shredfest of epic proportions. Unfortunately, its intensity may also be its downfall.

The band’s skill is unquestionable, but sometimes it seems like the whole purpose is to show just how great they are. Opportunities for melodies and catchy riffs are sacrificed so that Psyopus can show off for a few more bars. This is a small blip on the screen, though, compared with what Psyopus is offering: a skillfully written, intense metal experience. You just have to wade through a sea of musical ejaculate to get there.

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