Al Gore coming to Calgary

By Katy Anderson

A former American vice-president and rumored presidential candidate is coming to Calgary.

Al Gore will be speaking at the Jack Singer Concert Hall about issues affecting climate change, focusing on information presented in his award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth. The Calgary Chamber of Commerce and the University of Calgary are sponsoring the event, which will be held Mon., April 23.

“Bringing Al Gore to Calgary has been very controversial,” said U of C director of community relations Allison MacKenzie. “Many companies won’t even touch this one. But the university is a place to discuss different ideas, and climate change is a hugely important issue.”

Tickets sold out in three days, but the university is holding a contest to give away 20 tickets to students who come up with ideas on how to make the U of C campus more sustainable.

“Campus infrastructure and campus planning are looking at different initiatives at greening campus,” said Allison Mackenzie. “We want to be a leader in terms of being a green campus.”

Winners will be picked at random and all ideas will go to campus planning and infrastructure to be evaluated and possibly implemented.

As well as making tickets accessible through the contest, the U of C put funding towards 100 tickets, making them available to students at a discounted rate of $29.95 from the regular rate of $159.

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