Stelmach’s judgement day

Ralph Klein’s old seat is up for grabs in the Tue., Jun. 12 provincial by-election.

The Calgary Elbow riding was created in 1971 and has been held by the Conservatives since its creation, boasting only two representatives. Former deputy premier David Russell held the seat from 1971-1989, and former premier Ralph Klein held the seat from 1989 until Jan., 15, 2007. While by-elections generally act as a litmus test for any sitting government, the Calgary by-election is no exception.

After a recent Cameron Strategy survey showed the new Premier’s popularity plummeting in Calgary, Conservative Party candidate Brian Heninger has found himself in a pitched race with Alberta Liberal candidate Craig Cheffins.

“Calgary’s issues are not the issues of rural or northern Alberta,” said Cheffins. “Our challenges are unique.”

Alberta Green party leader George Read agreed.

“What I’m hearing at the door is, ‘I’m really not impressed with Premier What’s-his-name,” said Read.

Other candidates running in the by-election include New Democratic party candidate Al Brown, Social-Credit candidate Trevor Grover, Alberta Alliance candidate Jane Greydanus and independent candidate Jeff Willerton.

A provincial legaslative seat is also up for grabs in Drumheller-Stettler.

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