Canada’s only running clinic at U of C

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

University of Calgary runners can look forward to special treatment as the first running-specific clinic in the country opened up on campus last week.

The Running Injury Clinic moved from its previous location in the city to the U of C on Tue., Jun. 5. The clinic, which specializes in pain associated with running and walking, is expected to be a boost for the university because of it’s focus on running injuries and close proximity to athletes.

Running Injury Clinic director and creator Dr. Reed Ferber said he is excited about coming to the university because it will allow him to accelerate his research agenda.

“I was doing some research in Delaware at a running clinic for high performance athletes and I wanted to make it available for the public,” said Ferber.

Ferber also noted that although his coworkers thought a public running clinic would inhibit his research, he believed helping people run into their nineties should be the goal of their research.

Ferber’s research has indicated that weak and inflexible hips may be responsible for a significant proportion of running injuries.

“Anytime there is a clinic that specializes in running-related injuries there is going to be a real benefit,” said U of C track and field and cross-country head coach Doug Lamont.

Fitness Centre operations manager Kevin Saruk felt that the new clinic would improve the U of C’s ability to provide services for its patrons, especially concerning injury prevention, while also explaining the benefits of having a clinic particular to running.

“The university is a world-class facility, meaning [we have] lots of activities, sport medicine, Olympic Oval, fitness centre, track,” said Saruk. “This is where a lot of people will be coming to keep active. If they are coming here to do that and are having issues, or if they want to make sure their technique or the activity they are doing is correct, they have the clinic right here where they can book an appointment and get an assessment done. The clinic can show them simple exercises they can do to prevent injury, strengthening exercises or stretching exercises. Most people aren’t aware of that.”

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