Hockey hi-jinks

By Daniel Pagan

Better than the Stampede? If anyone can believe the CJSW festivals coordinator Rich Larson’s bold statement, Slurpee Cup X will be this year’s greatest outdoor show on Earth, with scenesters shining up both their hockey sticks and their jock straps in anticipation.

The shenanigans will commence at 11 a.m. Sat., Aug. 18 at the University of Calgary’s tennis courts. This year’s lineup will include 24 teams of local bars, bands and independent media. Each team adopts a charity to play for–raising the stakes above ball hockey glory.

“It’s difficult to predict who will win, but I am confident that CJSW will do well this year,” said Larson. “It’s possible that I may even shave my beard off if we win the playoffs.”

Slurpee Cup is ten years old and Larson announced some special celebration plans for its anniversary.

There’ will be potential celebrity referees, and a roller derby demonstration,” said Larson. “The Roller Girls, from a new Calgary Roller Derby league in Calgary, are going to put on a roller derby demonstration for the tournament.”

Along with anniversary celebrations, there will be the Captain’s Meeting and a Wrap-up party. The Captain’s Meeting will take place on the Broken City patio and offer a chance for team captains to renew rivalries Thu., Aug. 9. The Wrap-up party will be Sat. Aug. 18 at Broken City, where players can either drink away their shame or celebrate with Martin Fulton Overkill and other bands. The proceeds of these two parties are also going to charity, Larson noted.

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