Dinos pummel Simon Fraser University in season opener

The University of Calgary Dinos laid destruction upon their opponent, the Simon Fraser University Clan, in their first game of the season Fri., Aug. 31.

Co-captain Anthony Woodson and rookie Matt Walter were at the centre of the action as they led the Dinos through 356 yards and three touchdowns. Woodson averaged 8.9 yards per carry totaling 170 yards in 10 carries. Walter did the team proud with his total of 186 yards in six carries.

Despite SFU’s loss to the Dinos at 52-14, they did have some good plays led by quarterback Jason Marshall and Chris Passaglia. Dallas Hunt was also strong as he finished the game with 84 yards in seven carries.

Coach Blake Nill is excited for upcoming season after the win. Although the Dinos are fielding a very young team, he is still confident about their abilities and playing potential.

“The team has developed a lot over the off-season,” said Nill. “It seems we’re going to have better defensemen. Our athletes on defense are in better shape and we have quite a few transfers coming in that are really going to help us. We have some depth in our offensive line. We’re going to be able to have to run the ball this year if we want to win.”

An impressive second-year player and Canada West’s offensive player of the week, Woodson is also confident in the Dinos’ abilities for the season.

“We have a lot better team this year–I would even say ten-fold,” said Woodson. “We’ve really got to focus on knowing all of our assignments.”

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