Calgary International Film Fest: Let’s All Hate Toronto

By Marina Foo

<"The CN Tower is basically just giving the rest of Canada the middle finger." Is this really what Canada thinks of Toronto? Does everyone really hate Toronto as much as they claim? Well, Mr. Toronto, a devoted Torontonian, went from the east coast to the west to see who would join his Toronto Appreciation Tour in the documentary Let’s All Hate Toronto.

He first stopped by Hamilton, Ontario, a city that holds the biggest grudge against Toronto for the annual defeat of their beloved football team, the Tiger Cats, in the Labor Day classic CFL game. Mr. Toronto then stopped by the Atlantic provinces to find there was also no love for Toronto, although a few maritimers did admit to a secret desire

to live in the wonderful city-although no one is supposed to know that.

With his eye patch and crisp suit, Mr. Toronto decided to skip the boring prairie provinces to come straight to Calgary. Only one Calgarian greeted the enthusiastic Torontonian in the dreary rain, as apparently we also don’t appreciate Toronto.

As made evident by Let’s All Hate Toronto, the verdict is in: most people in Canada openly hate Toronto. But maybe before we continue our hatred, we should take a look in the mirror as Calgary has been labeled-dramatic pause-the next Toronto.

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