Calgary International Film Fest: Poultrygeust: Night of the Chicken Dead

By Jeff Clemens

Troma Studios have been creating movies for 33 years and most people have never seen one of their films. Specializing in usually shocking and never politically correct movies, Troma has not disappointed with their latest release. Poultrygeist leaves even the most prepared watcher slightly shocked.

Starting the movie with an innocent enough sex scene in an ancient Indian burial ground, Poultrygeist seems as though it may be just another teen horror. That is, until the spirits from beyond prove they have wandering hands and probing fingers. It’s from this moment on that the movie keeps trying to outdo itself in shock value. The funny thing about this is that it actually manages to succeed. The number of breasts on screen was plentiful and unnecessary. That’s if you think that

there can ever be an unnecessary number of breasts in the B-movie genre. The inclusion of a giant penis monster and an American-friendly jihadist take this movie into the realm of vulgar, which was likely Troma’s intention, given their reputation.

More than a few people left during the screening of this film, as the scenes were just too shocking. Despite this, the movie was fairly epic and was exactly what should be expected from a company that produced such movies as Cannibal! the Musical.

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