Spun: 50 Cent

By Kyle Francis

When most of us were young children, we learned bragging about something was wrong—that challenging the smarter kids in class to a game of trivia would be a bad idea. Apparently 50 Cent didn’t learn this lesson or he’s forgotten despite his numerous bullet wounds. On his latest album, 50 Cent challenged rapper

Kanye West to sell more records than him, claiming if Kanye sold more in the first week he would quit writing solo albums. This is not a stellar final album.

This album had all the makings of a hit but somehow missed the mark. With amazing guests like Justin Timberlake and Timbaland it seems as though that album should be a hit but it just falls flat. 50 Cent seems to have released an album with the hopes that

his name would generate sales. There is nothing new on this album to distinguish it from any other 50 Cent album other than the fact that it really has no stellar singles. The collaboration with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland on “Ayo Technology” sounds like someone took old music from a bad Nintendo game and rapped over it. This will be a popular song simply because it’s catchy but it’s definitely not up to the standard set by previous albums. Timberlake definitely left his sexy at home for this effort.

This album is not garbage, but after all the hype, it’s a disappointment. Fans of previous albums will enjoy this as it is basically just an uninspired rehash of everything he’s done before. It’s hard to believe that this is the final album from the man who created hits like “Hate It or Love It” and “In tha Club.”

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