Spun: Yellowcard

Fans of shitty, derivative pop-punk rejoice! Yellowcard has put out another album! Boring and unimaginative, as always, Yellowcard’s welcome in the music scene is wearing dangerously thin. Unfortunately, it’s the sappy type of music to cry alone in the basement to-so it’s going to sell copious amounts of copies.

Yellowcard’s formula has always been pretty simple: make a generic pop punk song, and then toss a violin in it. Thankfully for fans-but not for the rest of us-the formula is followed slavishly. The only exception to this formula is the title track of the album: it’s a generic pop punk song with a children’s choir at the beginning! Such wowing originality is what makes Yellowcard one of pop punk’s most mind-numbing acts

Paper Walls is an album full of banal, uninteresting and overly saccharine music meant for unhappy 14-year-olds whose two-week relationship has just been torn asunder. The album is garbage, meant to cash in on a rabid fanbase, but trite and unexciting for anyone who isn’t a fan of soppy melodrama.

Despite these numerous complaints, fans of Yellowcard will enjoy Paper Walls. The only difference between previous albums and Paper Walls is the fact that Yellowcard grew a set of testicles and every song goes balls-to-the-wall-it doesn’t save the album, but it will allow the teens who actually like Yellowcard to mosh without looking like a bunch of idiots.

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