Disc Jockeys at the Den

By Daniel Pagan

Soon, you may have a good reason for staying around campus after along week of classes–music at the Den from one of the well-known local club disc jockeys, Noah York City. The Students’ Union vice president events Richard Freeman signed him up for new party night exclusive to the Den on Fri. nights, starting Oct. 12.

Famous for his beatmixing at the Celebrity Hot Tub show at the Broken City on Wednesday nights, Noah York City hosted two DJ nights called C’est Dangereux night at the Hi-Fi club and Snakes and Ladders at the Bamboo nightclub every Mon. His reputation and him playing at the Den have indie music fans like third-year religious studies student, Justin Barret excited.

“I’ve caught him a bunch of times playing at Broken City,” said Barret. “He’s a great DJ, and I’d love to see him bringing some kickass to campus.”

Richard Freeman explained the logic of hiring of Noah as a new way to revive the Den on Fri. nights.

“Fridays used to be big party nights at the Den until the SU started the student appreciation nights, so Thursdays became the big nights instead,” said Freeman. “We want to turn Friday into a dance party night.”

The SU vice president operations and finance Fraser Stuart noted the Den’s new focus is on lower priced dinners, such as two-for-one meal promotions and $3.25 on any kind of drinks. The new focus had been successful, with an average of 200-225 meals served on a typical Friday night he explained.

“We want to attract more people to enjoy the evening a little longer at the Den,” said Stuart.

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