Cookies for a cause

By Chelsee Albo

A University of Calgary student was in a serious car accident on her way home from a weekend in Vernon. The second-year nursing major Melissa Brost visited her home town in Oct. to celebrate her 22nd birthday. Soon after, she was airlifted to the Foothills Medical Centre by STARS air ambulance, and remains in intensive care with nine chest tubes.

“Just ask any of her classmates to describe her and you will hear how funny and energetic she is,” said fellow second-year nursing student, Lynnette MacDonald. “She loves to have fun and as a student she is hardworking and determined. Her smile is infectious and kindness is in every interaction with patients and colleagues.”

A group of a dozen nursing students have banded together to raise money for her family. “Her family is not from here,” said MacDonald. “I’m not even sure where they’re staying. They’ve pretty much been in ICU everyday and that must be really stressful.”

“Team Melissa,” a collection of students, family members, and friends, is becoming well known around the faculty of nursing.

Recent U of C grad and friend Erin Briskham organized a bake sale in Vernon to raise money for Melissa and her family. Calgarian student Stephanie Willson paralleled the idea and is planning a similar event next Thu. in MacEwan Student Centre.

“Everyone has been really supportive,” said Wilson. “Some of our professors are donating baking. Another professor emailed us from the U of C nursing campus in Qatar to make a monetary donation.”

One participant designs custom cakes for weddings and special occasions, which will be also be available for order.

Melissa’s family and friends call her “a real fighter” and post daily updates on the facebook group, Praying for Melissa.

“She has over 800 fans and people have been sending tons of messages.” said MacDonald. “The girls even arrange spa nights for her on the unit where they go in and give her manicures and pedicures.”

The bake sale will run Thu., Dec. 6 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in MacEwan Student Centre. Delicious goods will be sold and monetary don- ations will also be accepted.

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