SU View: Tuition talk with the Board of Governors

By Julie Bogle

As finals approach, I thought it would be only appropriate to provide a “Study Fact Sheet” about our strategy on Tuition Consultation.

The Students’ Union at the University of Calgary opposes any increase in tuition. It is the responsibility of our government to support our province’s learners and supporting our post-secondary education system is an investment that must be made now.

If tuition increases by 4.6 per cent, then the university must improve the current Quality of Undergraduate Education (QUE, a current ‘quality indicator’ provided from an annual external survey of UofC students) by a minimum of 4.6 per cent.

To increase the QUE, the SU has four recommendations:

-Increase the quality of teaching

-Increase the number and capacity of experiential learning programs across all faculties, such as co-op programs or Study Abroad.

-Increase the quality of the first year experience

-Increase the number of residence beds.

Through implementing these recommendations, the SU will be heavily involved throughout the process. This will allow us to hold the University accountable, by ensuring these priorities are being addressed correctly and measuring results.

The Students’ Union’s mandate is to “Serve and Represent”… by taking this approach we’re focusing on achieving results in your academic career.

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