Dinos Report Card: men’s hockey

By Alyzee Sibtain

Talent: The Dinos came into this season looking to increase their offensive output and were able to do so. They scored an average of 3.60 goals per game, second to the University of Alberta Golden Bears with 4.71. Much of this success was thanks to the mid-season addition of ex-NHLer Jared Aulin, who amassed 14 goals and 34 points in 17 games. Captain Ryan Annesley and second-year forward Torrie Wheat were each in the top-10 list for points scored, with Annesley second at 41 and Wheat in a three-way tie for eighth with 35 points. The Dinos also allowed their opponents to find the back of their net, as they placed last for goals allowed per game at 3.57. While the offensive output has been addressed, sharper goaltending and more disciplined defence should be focused on for next season.

Effort: The hockeysaurs came charging out of the dressing room every night, but would often become complacent as soon as they found themselves up or down in the score. Annesley, leading his team in his last year with the squad, provided an example of drive and determination on the ice. In the second half of the season, the Dinos realized that they were a serious threat to be reckoned with, and started to play with an intensity that resulted in an impressive string of wins down the home stretch. Perhaps if such hunger were more apparent from the beginning of the season, the Dinos wouldn’t have had such a big hole to dig themselves out of in the standings.

Coaching: Head coach Scott Atkinson returned for his seventh season with the Dinos and worked with his team to clean up any areas that needed adjustment, specifically on the defensive end. The start of the season was rough for the Dinos and wins were scarce until Aulin and netminder Jeff Weber joined the squad. With the additions, the Dinos were able to turn it around and hold home-ice advantage for the first round of the playoffs. Though extremely proud of his team’s success, Atkinson made sure his players were aware of any weaknesses and more importantly, how to improve.

Achievement: The season started slow for the Dinos, who notched only one win in their first 13 games. Once Aulin and Weber suited up, the Dinos went on a tear, with a 14-2 record since Nov. 16. The hockeysaurs carried their momentum into the post-season, sweeping the University of Regina Cougars in the first round. These victories earned them a spot against the University of Saskatchewan Huskies in a rematch of last year’s great plains division final.

Grade: Argentinosaurus

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