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Live-blogging-blogging about things as they happen-has done much to illustrate the capabilities of the

internet to succeed where traditional print media has failed us miserably. In the spirit of these electronic

pioneer times, Bloglog live-blogs the best of the internet’s live-blogs in an effort to keep you in touch with your digital blogofuture. Do you think that’s air your breathing? It’s Blogoair straight from the blogosphere,, haha.

5:43 p.m.-Junos are supposed to start soon. Realizing this, I very nearly spit out my Mountain Dew: Code Red straining to open my bloglog live-blog for tonight, the awesome, illustrious, totally cool Michael Morrison’s Q Blog.

5:45 p.m.-First post while I’m blogging! Morrison says he’s excited!! That’s exciting! But he told me to go pee so I’m going to go try that before the real fun starts!

5:46 p.m.-Nothing came out!!!!!!!! I feel like I let him down. 🙁

5:51 p.m.-Another great post, d00d! I sometimes wish I could actually have gone to the Junos or at least had a TV so I could watch them, but this is usually when I realize that I can have a far better experience by reading about them live as blogged by an wicked blogger! Who needs reality 😛 I have autism.

5:55 p.m.-OK now I need to go pee..

6:22 p.m.-Ow. That had the consistency of Silly Putty. Wonder what I’ve missed??

6:23 p.m.-Ohhhhhhhhhh Emmmmmmmmm Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I can’t even believe I missed Michael talking about Avril talking about your Girlfriend! (I think he thinks she thinks you need a new one). Haha. I need a one.

6:40 p.m.-Right on Russell Peters! You’ve got Michael Morrison’s endorsement as the best Juno host ever even better than Pamela Anderson! Epic Win! I can’t imagine higher praise or a moment when one might feel more

relevant! Except for getting a million hits on you’re totally awesome blog *winkz*

6:41 p.m.-oops, just remembered I forgot to keep live-blooging the Fox channel’s Sunday line-up discussion blog! BRBsies~~

7:05 p.m.-Back! Bet you didn’t even notice me being gone!! Oh my: “Avril gets denied again and the award goes to Michael Buble. 70 year olds know how to use the Internet and use it to get what they want.” Classic. Fucking. Michael. Morrison. I am RO teh floor LMing my AO here.

7:07 p.m.-Prune attack!!!!!!!!!! OH NO!

7:37 p.m.-haha okay apparently my poop and pee have switched consistancies. At least it’s something new, I always like trying new things (ladies). Okay, so, let’s get up to date here… Hrm, wish I could have seen taped

segment between Jann Arden (represent!!) and Russell Peters but then again I would have to leave the house so…

7:40 p.m.-F5ing. Hasn’t been any new news in minutes!!! My finger and F5 key are getting worn out! (JK

everythings oK Ive got backups)

7:42 p.m.-DANG IT UPDATE ALREADY HOW MANY TIMES CAN A GUY REFRESH A THING? Maybe now’s a good time to go microwave myself some pizza bagels!

7:52 p.m.-Pizza bagels were raunchy like a wet dog’s breath after he licked his nards. Oh well, sustenance ahoy! OMG “The night’s final award of the night is Album of the Year and it goes to Feist. That makes her 5 for 5.” Congratulations Feist, teh interwebs salute thee! Hehe, “teh interwebs”, I can be such a card.

7:59 p.m.-Switched butt cheeks on the chair. Ol’ lefty is getting a bit tired. Literally cannot wait to see what

happens next. If I have to wait I am going to Silly Putty my pants. Apparently the post-Juno press conference is going to happen soon. I am adjusting my jogging pants in anticipation.

8:03 p.m.-Oh no! Now there’s been a confrontation between Feist and Mike! “Woah. My deodorant is not working. Sooooo awkward. All the journalists around me feel my pain.” Don’t worry good buddy, I definitely feel your pain. It is a pain all us self-diagnosed aspergics know all too well. Not much you can do but grab the Doritos and (Read more..)

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