Spun: Morgan Geist

By Jennifer Trieu

Morgan Geist’s latest solo effort Double Night Time offers up an eclectic mix of imaginative electronic downbeats, experimental melodies and the intermittent, yet sweet and simple vocal workings of Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan. The album also marks Geist’s first solo effort in over 10 years, in between his projects with Darshan Jesrani in Metro Area.

Though this album doesn’t showcase the slightly more electrofunk beats of Metro Area, the subtle rhythmic intricacies of Double Night Time create a semi-ambient type of electronica without overly repetitive or muddy melodies. These details, coupled with Greenspan’s vocals, push listeners to open their ears and minds to Geist’s skillful and smooth mixings.

Double Night Time turns on music lovers to a balanced array of fresh, experimental and detailed electronic sounds. Geist’s unique and cohesive creations in his latest solo project make Double Night Time a refreshing album to take note of this fall.

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