SU View: I’m not your mother, but this is what she would tell you…

By Pamela Weatherbee

Caffeine. Taping your eyes open and propping your head up with a book in front of your computer. Reading an entire textbook the night before an exam and waking up with the text print backwards on one side of your face. These are all examples of ways students try to make it through mid-term season. However there is one other proven technique that you could consider– study!

Because I have survived my fair share of mid-term seasons at the U of C, here’s a number of ways to develop good study habits:

– Keep up-to-date with your readings (perhaps a good tool for post-mid-term?)

– Take care of yourself! Eat well, hit the gym, get lots of sleep and take some time to de-stress.

– Find a good study partner/group and set up times to study.

– Be aware of critical times where you may have two exams or two papers and a project all due so that you can plan ahead of time.

– Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to talk to a prof or a TA and ask questions about the course, the exam or what to expect.

Other options include finding a tutor through the SU Tutoring service or joining an academic club in your faculty. Often clubs have old exams on hand which can help you find out what to expect before the test, or you can talk to someone who has taken the course before and offer some advice on how to be prepared.

If you do find that your academic success is at stake, the Students’ Union and its Student Rights Advising Service is here to help. Whether you need a grade reappraisal, you’ve been charged with academic misconduct, or something beyond your control outside of school is affecting your success, the SU can provide support when you’re in danger of failing.

If you need support and advice on your rights as a student contact me, your VP Academic, at (403) 220-3911 or e-mail

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