Spun: The Streets

By Kyle Francis

There is something about the Streets that just keeps people listening to the whole album. Granted, it clocks in well under an hour, but Everything is Borrowed is one of those disks that hooks a listener with a really fascinating mix of electronica and an intense rapper with a thick accent. It’s the weirdest thing you’ll find in a person’s iPod or CD player and that’s what makes it so great.

The album starts off with an intriguing instrumental introduction that builds towards rapping. It’s a bit jarring in the beginning, but after getting over the fact that this CD is not what is usually expected, it’s really fun. “The Way Of The Dodo” is upbeat and fun, but delivers a heavy message with lines like, “It’s not earth that’s in trouble / It’s the people who live on it.” This song would be depressing, but it’s so brilliant that you can’t help but smiling in spite of the depressing motif. “The Strongest Person” features cheesy Little Mermaid instrumentals, but morphs into a really cute love song about how this girl seems to get the blame for everything and how she rises above it.

Everything is Borrowed is an amazing CD for a weird contrast on your music playlist. It’s not easily sorted into a genre of music, making for a truly indefinable sound.

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