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Students get unpleasant surprise

After two back-to-back incidents frightened students at Calgary’s Westmount Charter School last Wednesday and Thursday, a meeting for parents and students has been scheduled for Monday night to discuss security concerns. The first incident, which involved a man exposing himself to several students, is said to be linked to a similar incident where a man flashed a girl while she was walking home from nearby St. Gregory’s school. Police say the man’s description in the St. Gregory incident match that of the flashing incident last Wednesday.

Tuition hike unwelcome at Guelph

University of Guelph students marched their way to Member of Provincial Parliment Liz Sandals’ office with a powerful message on their backs last Wednesday. T-shirts with personal, hand-written messages about the negative effects of tuition hikes were promoted in an effort to drop unaffordable university fees. Guelph students held a rally on campus as part of the Canadian Federation of Student’s student day of action to drop fees yesterday.

Father pleads guilty to criminal negligence

A 24-year-old father of two pleaded guilty to criminal negligence Monday after his daughters, ages one and three, were found frozen to death in a snowy field 280 kilometres east of Saskatoon. Christopher Pauchay, who pleaded not guilty a year ago when the discovery was made, is said to have been drinking the night before. The man somehow lost his two daughters who had been left in-40 C with very little clothing. The case is expected to be adjourned until Dec. 25 or until a sentencing hearing is scheduled to take place.

Radisson homes burn down

Police suspect that a fire that broke out just before 3 p.m. Monday in the 100 block of Radcliffe Place, SE was no accident. Investigators think arson is likely because a grassfire quickly broke out after the first fire. Investigators are searching for a person who was witnessed riding a bike shortly after the fires started. No residents were present when the fire completely destroyed their homes in Radisson Heights.

Calgary Zoo baby elephant dies

The Calgary Zoo lost its 15-month-old Asian elephant Malti to the deadly endotheliotropic herpes virus. The calf, which died Saturday, quickly succumbed to the virus which attacks the heart and blood vessels. Malti is the second calf lost by the Zoo’s elephant Maharani. In 2004, three-week-old Keemaya died after she was rejected by Maharani immediately after birth.

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