Online Only: Montreal outfit knows how to play

By Matthew Rochon

Montreal-based band Land of Talk knows the value of a good live show. The trio, consisting of guitarist and singer Liz Powell, drummer Eric Thibodeau and bassist Chris McCarron, always provides fans with inducing energetic performances and Powell’s honest, nostalgic melodies and equally-emotive gritty guitar create an intimate, arresting atmosphere.

The band’s current tour promotes the release of their sophomore album, Some Are Lakes, the much anticipated follow-up to their ’06 gem, Applause Cheer Boo Hiss. The album reveals a sound evolved from that of their debut and it maintains the raw feel and emotional connection of Applause Cheer, while moving to a more stripped-down, crisp sound; one with less emphasis on distortion.

The album was produced by Justin Vernon (a.k.a. indie-folk sensation Bon Iver). Vernon’s involvement in the album came from a mutual appreciation of each other’s work. The collaboration’s success is not surprising, given that both sides seem to strive towards the same desired sound– one that emphasizes simplicity and emotional weight. Powell recognizes the value of Vernon’s presence in the studio in areas such as “keeping things simple” and “giving each song the right weight.”

Land of Talk has been opening for Canadian indie giants Broken Social Scene for a handful of their eastern tour dates (in both Canada and the U.S.). After they finish their trip to in Vancouver on Nov. 12, they return back east, reuniting with BSS in Toronto before flying to Europe for festival dates in the Netherlands and Belgium.

During their shows with Broken Social Scene, Powell, upon completing Land of Talk’s set, plays alongside Broken Social Scene for theirs. She is, in fact, now considered an official member of the indie supergroup.

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