Online Only: Babies and sex: not what you’re expecting

By Lesley-ann Barrett

On a recent visit with my partner’s family, I wrapped my arms around their sister who is seven-months pregnant– at this moment I realized that in some cases size really does matter. Sex in the traditional missionary position is an impossibility when you are that far along, it takes creativity and patience to achieve the same erotic results you had before the bump appeared. So is sex okay during pregnancy? What are some of the things to expect and watch out for? Can the baby really get its forehead bruised during a heavy session? With all these questions for new parents there is one guarantee when you’re pregnant, you will feel different about sex. Which side of the scale you’re on entirely depends on your personal feelings about sex in general.

So, can you have sex while pregnant? Dr. Laura Berman, a registered sex therapist in the U.S. explains that if the pregnancy and the mother are healthy and the doctor has given the go ahead, sex is not only okay but actually encouraged– the exercise you get while having sex is good for overall health. As well, when a woman orgasms the body releases those feel good endorphins that both she and the baby get to enjoy. Pregnancy lasts approximately 30 weeks, broken into three trimesters. During the first trimester a woman may feel fat, bloated and unattractive to their partner. That combined with nausea and a hormonal roller coaster inside your body may not help either of you get lucky. During the second trimester when your hormones start to calm and the belly starts to look pregnant you may become friskier in the bedroom. As you near the due date and as long as things are going well, partners can have sex right up until the water breaks. If you are getting closer and really just want to get that baby out, there is something in men’s semen that doesn’t bring on pre-mature labour, but can help jump start the process in some women.

Can sex be traumatic for the baby inside the womb? If you are not educated or experienced in this field as of yet, you may believe that having sex could physically or psychologically hurt your baby. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In addition to the cushiony amniotic sac the baby grows inside, not even Ron Jeremy could penetrate past that closed cervical pathway to the baby. Now that you know there will be no disfigured heads due to penile bruising, how is that penis reaching its destination with this new obstruction? Some of the top rated sex positions during pregnancy are: rear entry (this does not mean anal) better known as doggie style, woman on top, spoon position or woman on her back with hips raised (this can be done by using pillows, blankets or a specifically designed inflatable pillow). These positions do not put any pressure on the stomach, but allow for easy entry and full penetration.

If you are looking to get adventurous and have trouble coming up with your own ideas, there are plenty of websites with great position making games and suggestions. Talk about it with your partner because the best pleasure you can both experience is the bond that this pregnancy can create. If this is your first child, you both deserve to enjoy the intimacy and ecstasy of your sex lives before you enter the world of sleepless nights and poopy diapers.

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