By ├ćndrew Rininsland

Booooom, motherfuckah! N.A.S.A’s meteoric take-off is about to launch!

Standing for “North America South America,” N.A.S.A. is a massive collaboration featuring over three dozen top-shelf musicians produced by Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon. The Spirit of Apollo’s diverse range of talent really shines through on the majority of tracks and ranges from David Byrne to Kanye West to Ghostface Killah. Most of the Wu-Tang Clan is on this disc, as well as Del tha Funkee Homosapien, KRS-One and more names than is possible to drop in a single CD review.

Stylistically all over the place, standout tracks include the dubb-y “Way Down,” the Tom Waits and Cool Kids collab, “Spacious Thoughts,” the Kayne- and Hoover-driven “Gifted” and the Del contribution, “Samba Soul.” Probably the one low point is the Donald Duck orgasm clip at the end of “O Pato,” though the rest of the song is easily interesting enough to excuse the unfortunate length of that particular sample.

The range and quality of The Spirit of Apollo’s sound means that anyone with even a passing interest in hip-hop or rap will probably find at least one track on the album to be out of this world.

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