Stolen Organ Family Band

Listening to Divorce can lead to only one conclusion: B.C. band the Stolen Organ Family Band does way too many drugs. With incredibly fuzzy, razor-edged guitars and filtered vocals mixed so deep into the tracks that the lyrics are nigh-comprehensible, Divorce is a strange mix of stoner-influenced, countrified rock ‘n’ roll and pseudo-psychedelia.

“Lez Get Divorced” is the closest thing to the Family Band’s audio-equivalent to mission statement you can get. With vocalist Mack wailing over rollicking guitars, his voice distorted to sound even more rough and tumble, the song seems right in place with the music of a bunch of meth-addled hillbillies playing on the ol’ hootin’ jugs. They’re kind of messy and sloppy, which is frustrating for those who care about a cohesive listening experience.

When the effects pedals are turned off, the band really manages to rock it. “Baby, Wez Ye Phun Numbah” is a relatively normal song for the band, with a high-energy guitar line bookended with scatchy, full-throated howling. It’s the only track like it on the album, sadly, as it’s the most interesting song on an otherwise nonsensical and unorganized album. With more songs like the unlistenable “Lez Get Divorced” as opposed to the fantastic “Phun Numbah” on the album, Divorce is sadly lacking.

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