Teitan’s musical metal mayhem menaces Calgary once more

By Allison Drinnan

A band’s jam space is as much a part of their essence as their instruments. It’s a safe haven, a balanced creative centre and, when the mood is right, a location for face-melting explosive metal.

Teitan, comprised of vocalist Bryce Cram, drummer Chris Curtis, bassist Brett Whittingham — “The Wizard” — and guitarist Devin Purdy, have created a name for themselves over the last couple of years within the Calgary metal scene. With the addition of guitarist Jeff Regan, they’re ready to unleash a thrash/power metal fury on audiences throughout Alberta.

The energy and excitement amongst members of Teitan’s core fanbase — including a man refered to only as “the Pit Lord” — who attend the odd jam session looms even at rehearsal.

“We just put a lock on the door and hope that no one kicks us out,” says Purdy as he starts tuning his guitar. “The businesses beside us complain sometimes.”

Final beers are shotgunned, smokes are lit and tissues are passed for earplugs once the real ones run out.

In circle formation, they perform a ridiculous set, sweating out their memories of May long weekend, backing up the reputation they have developed.

Teitan formed in 2007 relatively randomly. Cram was chosen based on the category of “loudest high-pitched scream.”

“We didn’t know if he was good or not, but we said he was in,” laughs Purdy.

The band had to re-evaluate their musical situation in February, ultimately turning to Regan. Purdy met the new guitarist when playing with him in another group called Killing Fields in 2005. When the band started seeking a new member, Purdy thought of him instantly.

“We called him wasted one night and told him to come jam,” Purdy reminisces. “He fits in well . . . he has ripping solos. He also has the sexy man chest and he has the best job ever, ’cause he works at a brewery.”

Teitan is known throughout the Calgary metal community for their live shows. Pictures on their Facebook page are a testament to this, with action shots where you can almost feel the sweat from the crowd dripping from the screen.

“We have a lot of energy live and people get fucking wasted at our shows,” states Cram. “We even have our own pit lord.”

Regan perfectly fitting into the mix — man chest and all — Teitan is now ready to return triumphantly to performing live, headlining Saturday, June 6 at Shuckalucks. The band, though, prefers not to call it a reunion show.

“It is the first Calgary show with the new line up,” explains Whittingham. “It’s the premier of the new Teitan.”

Purdy quickly interrupts.

“No it’s more like the rebirth of Teitan.”

As Purdy interjects, the band add cheers of approval to the more appropriate title.

There are no grand plans or set paths in Teitan’s future, though touring is the immediate focus. Their enthusiastic party mentality is even demonstrated when discussing where they’re going.

“We want to go to shitty little towns where kids have nothing to do and make it wicked for them . . . put on crazy shows,” Purdy explains. “And hopefully eat too.”

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