Sidebar: If Fox Opera were a videogame…

Drummer Noah Rabinovitch, who has a tattoo of Samus from the Metroid video game series on his arm, is an avid gamer. He’s even teaching bass player Keith Rodger how to play Street Fighter. When questioned about what kind of video game Fox Opera was, he paused for a second.

Noah Rabinovitch: If Fox Opera were a video game, we’d be Looney Tunes B-Ball. It’s like a normal basketball game, but your basketball turns into a pie and you throw it and it kills someone.

Caitlyn Copeland: Oh my God! It turns into a pie?

NR: If you’re, like, Wile E. Coyote he sometimes goes through the basket with the ball.

Keith Rodgers: Actually Yosemite Sam does that as well. It’s surprising — he doesn’t seem so spry.

CC: No, he’s super short.

NR: Kind of like Fox Opera.

KR: Yeah. We’re not so spry, but we jump through the basket.

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