Spun: The Locust

By Mike Tofin

Click-click, gargle, gargle, gargle, inhale, breath out. Hit the play button. Is that the CD player melting down, sounding like R2D2 having an anxiety attack? No, it’s just the intro track to The Locust’s latest release, New Erections. Man that little kid is throwing a massive fit outside. Nah, it’s just the vocal track throughout most of the album.

With Erections, The Locust have successfully taken punk rock to the next level with staggering artistic integrity, originality and a copious amount of disjointed electric noise to splatter into your sonic soup.

However, they go too far, ensuring only the most deranged pallet or some poser metal/punk connoisseur will (pretend to) enjoy it. It sounds uncomfortable and threatening. The album ends with the listener wondering if that was all that they were trying to get at. Everyone’s missing the point.

New Erection? No one’s too turned on by this one.

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