Sportspinions: Wait, why is Vick back in the NFL?

This past Sunday marked a significant day for all those NFL fans out there. I guess it was also a day to remember for PETA supporters as well. Michael Vick, currently of the Philadelphia Eagles, made his so called comeback last weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs. For those of you who don’t remember Vick, the three time all-star quarterback, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons, was indicted after his underground dog fighting ring, Bad Newz Kennels, was discovered. He funded the despicable operation, where dogs would fight to the death, often being shot, drowned or electrocuted if they did not perform well, from 2001-2007. After serving 19 months in prison and being released this past May, he was picked up by the reputable franchise in Philly as an alternate QB behind Donovan McNabb.

With McNabb out on account of a knee injury, his backup Kevin Kolb took over for the past two weeks. But Vick took the field for a few snaps in last Sunday’s game. Fortunately for Eagles fans his performance was not detrimental to the game’s outcome. However, I’m still blown away by the fact that he is back in the NFL.

Yeah I get it, he paid his debt to society, he was punished for the wrong he committed and he should be able to go on with the life he became accustomed to before being sent to prison. My question is, why? It is not like he came out and said what he did was wrong, he had to be caught first. The only reason he admitted his guilt was to avoid a stiffer penalty. Why should he be restored to his former glory as an NFL quarterback just because he served his measly 19 months? That just seems wrong. It’s nice that he was not considered above the law three years ago, but being that the NFL prides itself on being an organization with dignity and honour, why would it allow such a vile human being back into its midst? I could understand if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell demoted him for a couple of seasons and allowed him to work up to his former role as quarterback, proving that he possibly has changed for the better.

But this was not the case. When you are in the public eye as often as a professional athlete, you should be even more careful and mindful of the wrongs you commit. If people keep accepting these athletes, celebrities and musicians back into their hearts it will only make future ones believe that although they may not get away with something, they will eventually win their fans back.

Michael Vick, give me a break — it’s too bad no one made you their prison bitch.

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