Sweat lodge opens eyes, pores

It is all too common in today’s society to take a closed-minded perspective of the world, but the participants of the Traditional Blackfoot Sweat are prepared to take the heat for learning more about cultural diversity.

The event takes place Sun., Oct. 26 at Hull Family Services Calgary.

A sweat is similar to a sauna, except it has deep spiritual significance. The traditions and practices vary from tribe to tribe. Some leaders insist on deep, contemplative silence while others like to use chants, drums or singing to enhance the spiritual experience.

Regardless, the main point remains to learn something significant about one’s self.

The Sweat is a joint endeavour between the Native Centre and the Chaplain’s Centre as part of an effort to aid the spiritual wellness of students and staff of the University of Calgary. Everyone is invited to attend, regardless of race or religion. A preparation seminar will be held Tues., Oct. 20, at noon in the Native Centre in MacEwan Student Centre.

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