Spun: Every Time I Die

Metalcore heavyweights Every Time I Die redefine the metalcore genre with their latest album New Junk Aesthetics. From the initial fuzz to the drop-D tuned riffs, Every Time I Die wants everyone to know they can rock. The first song off Aesthetics, “Roman Holiday,” is dirtier, darker and heavier than anything ETID have produced before, growing to new heights by branching lyrically and musically while still maintaining the prime ETID of old. Lead vocalist Keith Buckley will let you know that he “wants your virgin blood” but still requires your undivided attention with “The Marvellous Slut,” showing ETID has not changed since  2007’s The Big Dirty. 

The rest of New Junk Aesthetics continues to showcase the hard hitting drums and near-deafening vocals which made ETID famous. Considering how much they’ve improved with time, showing no signs of slowing down, the group are guaranteed to be one of the metalcore heavyweights of this generation. If you feel like losing your hearing, go buy their new album.

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