Campus Pro Life club’s trespassing charges stayed

Campus Pro Life won’t be going to court after all. On Monday the group known for its Genocide Awareness Project was informed by the Alberta Crown Prosecutors’ Office that the charges against them had been stayed.

“We’re very pleased with the result,” said CPL treasurer Alanna Campbell.

Campbell and five other member of the group were charged last fall for trespassing on University of Calgary property, after university administration told them not to set up GAP.

“This confirms for us that we have a right to set up our display and promote our message.”

The trial was set to take place Fri., Nov. 4, but the stayed charges won’t proceed unless new evidence provides reason to reopen the case.

CPL isn’t free of administrative trouble yet.

The Students’ Union moved to revoke CPL’s club status last February, but the club has retained its official status pending an appeal, which has yet to be scheduled.

SU president Charlotte Kingston said the SU won’t reconsider the group’s club status until the review panel takes place.

“Our position hasn’t changed either way in light of this result,” said Kingston, who was unwilling to speculate if having the charges stayed would help CPL’s chances.

Campbell is hopeful the SU will ultimately allow the group to remain sanctioned. “It would be nice to have club status, but we’ll continue to educate people about abortion either way.”

CPL maintains that they were never in violation of any SU policy, and don’t plan to change their controversial display.

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