Spun: Muse

The Resistance takes listeners inside a huge stadium, filled to the brim with people and power chords which will rock socks and fedoras alike. There is a great diversity to the album and listeners should be constantly excited about what they will hear next from Muse. All of the tracks are enjoyable, each different enough to keep the album interesting while still giving The Resistance an overall flow. Then, as the album’s end nears, Muse throws in a ballsy move and puts in a three-movement symphony which is without a doubt Resistance’s long-lasting highlight.

Muse fills Resistance with songs that are reminiscent of Queen, but also feature a lot of other elements offering up a more modern feel. “Uprising” starts the disc off with strong guitars and a powerful beat. There are a couple of unexpected yet pleasing instrumental choices on the album, including an organ, which is especially noticeable and can be appreciated in “Unnatural Selection,” and string instruments throughout the “Symphony” movements.

When paired with the drums and electrical instruments, these tracks give off a really cool and interesting texture which adds to the substantial awesome of the lasting symphonic movements.

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