Prorogation protests postponed

By Maxwell Hammer

Prorogation rallies across the country have been “put on hold” with less than a week to go according to Christopher White, creator of the Facebook group that spawned the protests against Stephen Harper’s request to dissolve government until March.

White posted a message to the over 100,000 member social network group earlier this week.

“It is with great apathy that I regret to inform this group that the Prorogation Protests have been officially put on hold until after the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.”

While there was no official reason given for the postponements TMZ is reporting White was spotted with Harper leaving a Roots store with two large bags of Vancouver 2010 merchandise before entering a travel agency to book last-minute flights to Vancouver. While it’s too early to draw conclusions, many are disgusted with the parallels between the reasons White and Harper are trying to postpone their pursuits- namely the Vancouver Olympics.

“I went to Staples and bought cardboard and magic markers, and a stencil for my protest sign, and thought about a clever slogan only to get home to find the protests have been put on hold,” said angry group member Harold Baker. “This really puts me in a tight spot.”

Activist Jim Weatherford echoed Baker’s remarks, stating his entire yearly small-arms budget was spent in hopes of a good time at the protests. “And now they’re cancelled,” said Weatherford. “What am I supposed to do with all this tear gas?”

The number of people joining White’s group has leveled off in recent days, while another Facebook group titled Canadians Against Proroguing Protests Postponement has seen thousands of new members in it’s two days of existence. The majority of members are “maybe attending” the Proroguing Protests Postponement Protests slated for January 23, the original date of the proroguing protests.

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