Spun: Hollerado

From small-town Manotick, Ontario, Hollerado members Dean Baxter, Jake Boyd, Nixon Boyd and Menno Versteeg grew up together and lived on the same street. What really makes Hollerado special, though, is how they are able to blend hit rock songs with a unique indie style.

Once the album starts spinning an unfamiliar and unpolished sound comes from the stereo’s speakers. The song, “Hollerado Land” is an adorable opening to the album with a catchy 3/4 time signature and obvious– but endearing– mistakes.

Tracks like “Do The Doot Da Doot Do,” “Juliette” and “Fake Drugs” show off the group’s ability to compose popular rock music. However, “Juliette” is the star on Record In A Bag, with its long background chorus and incredible guitar rhythm that make you want to break out dancing.

Thankfully, the superb “Juliette” doesn’t overshadow the rest of the album. Versteeg’s ability to create unique lyrical patterns ensures that the album is a worthy introduction for the young band.

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