Spun: Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene is a super group composed of many artists with notable individual sound and skill which enable the group to make each song distinguishable from the next. Trying to describe the sound of their music is like trying to decide what one colour best represents Avengers’ costumes.

Their fourth album, Forgiveness Rock Record, is no different. It demonstrates the mastery they have over their distinctive collective niche. Each song bestows such an elaborate and unique feeling that you’re likely to get auditory whiplash if you try to anticipate what the next song will bring.

This quality makes Forgiveness Rock Record a great album to listen to while driving. It is easiest to enjoy when not trying to make sense of it and each individual track is temperamental and complex enough to still feel engaging. The collage of songs is bound to suit any particular mood — from the mellow romance of “Sweetest Kill” to the rougher melancholy of “Forced to Love.” If you’re just looking for some easy listening, the song “Texico Bitches” is catchy enough to get stuck in your head. Each song feels like a cinematic scene all onto itself.

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