Bike Root Update

By Brent Constantin

With only a few days left before Bike Root will be forced to leave their current location in Murray Fraser Hall, the bicycle advocacy group’s prospects for a new permanent home look bleak.

Due to the end of quadrangle construction, the university notified Bike Root in June that they would be reclaiming the currently inaccessible loading dock where the group runs their shop and operations.

Bike Root met with U of C campus planning July 22 to discuss the potential for alternative space.

“In the short term there is very little for us at the U of C,” said volunteer Robbie Williams. “Short term we are definitely without a shop space and the bike library won’t be operating for the next coming months at least.”

Bike Root received a quality money grant from the Students’ Union that must be repaid if it is not used for the original purpose. They hope to obtain an extension on the rule due to circumstances surrounding the move.

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