Spun: Woodhands

Apparently musicians have got the point that nobody wants to pay for music anymore, so now they’re just giving it away. Well, I don’t know how well that works out for them, but as a poor student, I appreciate their charity. Woodhands, an electro-dance band based in Toronto, has released two free remix albums online over the past few months, Remixcapade being the first, and now No Feelings Mixtape, available to download at paperbagrecords.com.

This latest giveaway, No Feelings Mixtape, lays raps from Lil’ Wayne, Ludacris, Eminem and Kid Cudi over your favourite Woodhands’ beats. The two mix together surprisingly well, bearing offspring worthy of a sweaty dance floor. Though there is an element of novelty, the lovechild from Woodhands and these rappers is still beautiful – and noisy. These beats beg to be blasted over speakers to induce dancing, grinding and possibly drunken lovemaking.

No Feelings Mixtape is an appropriate name for this album as well, as the emotional intensity that characterizes Woodhands’ music is lost when replaced by vapid rap lyrics. The band lets you know what this album is about from the get-go, so the only options are not listening to it or dancing like mad — not griping.

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