Spun: The Nix Dicksons

By Andréa Rojas

Their dads weren’t accountants, their moms didn’t drive SUVs and with the help of endearing sub-Saharan creatures, they want to be your friends. The Giraffe EP — the sophomore release from prairie indie darlings The Nix Dicksons — mostly relies on wholesome, plucky hooks in the au courant style of independent music. Significant stylistic evolutions from debut album The Panda EP are especially apparent on “Haunted” and “Head in the Movies,” which make use of an ethereal, distorted introduction and a calypso-like bass line, respectively.

Eclecticism is kept at a comfortable minimum, which makes for standard (yet head-bopping) indie fare. “Maria” is a tribute ditty in the style of Panda’s “All Girls Want.” In “Old Shore Road,” the sixth and final track, subpar vocals at the beginning fail to anticipate the explosive anthemic conclusion and turn out to be more appropriate in the context of the harder instrumentals listeners find a few measures in.

Giraffe is a musical journey through bustling pubs, sunny sidewalks and canola fields in a pair of Converse sneakers. It leaves one questioning its ability to appeal to those over age of 30 and owning less than three American Apparel hoodies, but is overall an enjoyable listen that does the Calgary local scene justice.

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