Spun: Chromeo

Chromeo’s album Business Casual could be the soundtrack to a 2010 The Breakfast Club. Scurrying around Cowtown to Business Casual makes the everyday drudgery so much more fun. With an extra pep in your step, you will be turning every corner wondering when a flash mob is going to break out with classic ’80s dance moves.

This is Dave 1 and P-Thugg’s third album, following the steps of 2007’s album Fancy Footwork. If you remember that album, then you know every lyric, rift, zip and zing on Business Casual — except for car horns. The car horns in “I’m Not Contagious” are an unneeded, unnecessary and unwanted addition. They’ve worked before, but the thing about a gimmick is that it should only be done once. If overused, it becomes tiresome and shallow.

It may seem like stating the obvious by stating that this album will not be your study buddy — you will be well distracted long before the car horns chime in.

Overall though, this album is jam packed with catchy, feel good songs. It’s a toe tapping good time that definitely deserves a few listens and impromptu dance parties.

Top picks are “Hot Mess” and their first single “Don’t Turn the Lights On.”

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