Online Exclusive: Sign sign everywhere a sign

Signs of political hopefuls running in the Calgary 2010 municipal elections have surrounded campus. Mayoral candidate Rick McIver’s sign near the intersection of 32 Ave. and Crowchild raised questions among students regarding the legality of its placement.

McIver’s campaign signs, as well as those placed by Naheed Nenshi and Craig Burrows on 24 Ave., are on municipal land, not university property.

“The University of Calgary does not allow signage or advertisement on campus property,” explained U of C media relations associate director Grady Semmens.

Signage on city property must adhere to the regulations set forth by a municipal bylaw governing temporary advertisement along highways. A sign is in conflict with the city legislation if it is within 30 metres of an intersection or two metres from a curb.

If a sign obstructs traffic in any way, becomes unsightly or exceeds three square metres in size it is in conflict with the bylaw. All signs must be removed 36 hours after the election.

Fines can rage anywhere from $50-$200. To report a violation, Calgarians are encouraged to call 311.

“If candidates or businesses wish to advertise to the students demographic they need to seek permission first from the Students’ Union and are restricted to MacEwan Hall,” said Semmens.

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