Letter: That Empty Space is Struggling

1) That Empty Space now has one event per month as opposed to previous weekly events, removing a popular community space.

2) There are no longer comfy couches, changing the organic, natural, community space that was previously welcoming for everyone at the events.

3) That Empty Space used to support local, Calgary music. Bigger acts from outside the city have been mandated and that costs significantly more than previous events

4) Many University of Calgary Students and artists are losing an important part of campus life and a five-year tradition.

By reducing the number of events, there is a danger of losing the space due to lack of involvement from the campus community. Less involvement signifies the campus community is no longer interested in keeping That Empty Space and it risks being cancelled for good. We need to keep audience levels up and show that the campus community needs this venue.

Current organizers seem to have lost the vision and purpose of That Empty Space. The events weren’t supposed to be about having the biggest names in Canada perform, but about having a community life that brought people together on a regular basis for a good time with quality music acts. Students have expressed that some of their most memorable U of C experiences were at That Empty Space.

Last year over 50 bands played at That Empty Space, now there will be 16.

We need your help to show that Empty Space is a large part of the campus community and that it needs to happen every week. Write to me about why That Empty Space is important to you, how it improves the campus community and how to improve the situation. Include any other thoughts you have too! Write your letter to thatemptyspace@gmail.com and sign the Petition at ipetitions.com/petition/save_that_empty_space.

Keep That Empty Space alive!

All the best,

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