Calgary mayoral election candidates 2010: Bob Hawkesworth

By Gauntlet Elections Board

Bob Hawkesworth, a University of Calgary alumnus, has been an elected politician since 1980 in municipal and provincial circles. Since 1993 he has served as alderman for Ward Four.

Hawkesworth is very passionate about what he believes and a proud defender of City Hall. He said his main reason for running was because everything he worked for over the past 17 years was under threat by Ric McIver. For every platform point Hawkesworth has, he is sure to note how McIver was doing the opposite.

One of his main platform points is building a southeast C-Train line instead of an airport tunnel. Hawkesworth says the city cannot afford to do both and that a southeast train line would better serve Calgarians.

Hawkesworth’s voice stands out among many candidates with his pro-City Council approach. He said that City Council did not mismanage funds and has a balanced budget and anyone who thinks otherwise does not understand council’s budget correctly.

Another one of his goals is to make Calgary the energy capital of the world, not just with oil and gas, but more sustainable kinds of energy as well. He describes how he would do this in a four point plan on his website.

He also emphasized the need to maintain services like recreation centers, libraries and homeless assistance.

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