Calgary mayoral election candidates 2010: Jon Lord

Jon Lord is an local businessman and entrepreneur. Perhaps his most well known venture is Casablanca Video, a business he started in 1983. Around that same time he was founding chairman of the Business Revitalization Zone for Marda Loop. He was elected alderman of Ward Eight in 1995 and served two terms.

Lord’s first platform priority is financial accountability. He would like to encourage citizen participation in City Hall by establishing a voluntary advisory committee.

The second platform point is a “kinder, gentler” parking authority by instigating a cap on parking rates and reducing or eliminating fees for LRT users.

Lord also advocates reducing traffic to and from the downtown core by making it easier for Calgarians to work from home. He lists many benefits of this initiative but no details as to how his idea would be implemented.

Lord was co-chair on the committee that legalized secondary suits in Alberta in 2004 and now hopes to complete the process on the municipal level by creating a zoning area for them.

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