New clubs space delayed by renovations

By Sarah Dorchak

Renovations for new clubs space were slated to be finished this fall, but delays have pushed the opening to sometime before Christmas. The new space, located behind Jugo Juice, will allow more office space for clubs.

“The clubs space has been a long identified problem for students,” said Students’ Union vice-president operations and finance James Delaney. “Clubs are an important way to engage with the student body, so we try to do what we can for clubs.”

The old space, located next to Stor, is considered outdated and over capacity by the SU.

“We have over 220 clubs so naturally we needed to find more clubs space,” said SU VP student life Jennifer Abbott.

The new space will allow for more meeting areas. Delays have kept clubs in the old location.

“The delays are purely on the contractor. There’s not a lot we can do with deadlines,” said Delaney. “After the people are hired on a contract, when they miss a deadline all we can say is we won’t give them a recommendation.”

“It’s unacceptable, really.”

Because the old location is still open, the delays haven’t affected club life.

“The new space was meant to give clubs more freedom to do events in different places on campus,” said Abbott.

Abbott said the new offices would improve how clubs engage with students. The current clubs space will also stay open, allowing clubs to host events on both the main and lower floors of Mac Hall.

Delaney agrees the new space will help clubs.

“The clubs space itself has an open design with bookable meeting rooms in the back,” he said. “Right next to it is That Empty Space, so both are quite visible for students who might be curious about getting involved.”

“Clubs can book That Empty Space twice a month now, just not in the same week,” Delaney added.

He specified that the room couldn’t be used after 7 p.m. Thursday to avoid complications with ThursDen. Clubs should contact clubs coordinator Chelsea Fletcher to book the room.

“I think even with what we have for space it won’t be enough long term,” said Abbott. “Hopefully in the future we can find even more space for clubs.”

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