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Community radio station CJSW wrapped up its annual funding drive this past week and station manager Chad Saunders said phones rang off their hooks delivering a high level of pledges this year.

“There’s a lot of math involved when it comes to the funding drive,” said Saunders. “One of the first maths is that we raised $182,00o on the pledge line over a week.”

Saunders said that when the funding drive events and concerts are totaled, the amount might reach $190,000.

“Maybe even now as you read this we might have broken through $190,000,” said Saunders, pretending to check his computer. “Look at that, $191,000.”

Saunders said the year’s goal of $200,000 was measured from the 2009 funding drive where the end total was around $180,000. He said the station wanted to be realistic in its expectations.

“I’ve always said if we did a funding drive of $150,000 and we collected $150,000 that’s better than a half million funding drive and collecting $175,000.”

News coordinator Joe Burima said the funding drive was a success.

“Once again listeners in Calgary showed their support for fantastic radio in Calgary,” said Burima.

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