Spun: Magnetic Man

Over the past few years or so, dubstep has been on its way to the big time, finally getting the credit it truly deserves. With the unveiling of Magnetic Man, comprised of Benga, Skream and Artwork — three of several genre pioneers — and the release of their eponymous debut album on the horizon, it looked like the masses were finally going to be delivered a sound they had overlooked for so long, perhaps not even acknowledged.

Unfortunately, though, it was not to be. In Magnetic Man, so many were hoping, pleading, praying for a full-length packed with solid dubstep — something that has seemingly evaded the dubstep world since its emergence. But such is the erratic nature of their effort and the search must go on. The lead single “I Need Air” and follow-up “Perfect Stranger,” for example, have been making the rounds for quite some time but are as strong as they were when first released. These are followed by tracks such as “K Dance” and “Box of Ghosts” that bring the outfit and their otherwise relatively-commendable effort right back down.

Magnetic Man gives a brief glimpse of what heights the trio can elevate dubstep to. Unfortunately, the album more frequently gives a glimpse of what lows the genre can sink to.

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