Students’ Union executive mid-term review 2010: James Delaney

Students’ Union vice-president operations and finance James “Squirtle” Delaney has accomplished much in the first two-thirds of his term. Delaney, hardheaded and loyal like his Squirtle namesake implies, tackles problems with perseverance while staying steadfast to his platform goals.

His predecessor, Joey Brocke, implemented a new governance structure that Delaney has had to iron the wrinkles out of. Delaney renovated the SU travel and conference fund to make it more accessible and accountable, and also worked in shifting the one-size-fits-all clubs system to one that matches resources to needs.

Delaney has had to deal with the delayed construction of the new clubs space and new food vendor locations. Delaney said his “biggest disappointment” was the missed deadlines on renovations but he’s overcome other roadblocks by re-acquiring a liquor license for That Empty Space and aligning the university’s and SU’s financial goals.

Delaney said his main focus has been on his platform promise to construct a sustainability program. He worked with the Eco Club and CAUS to host a speaking event with Hunter Lovins promoting sustainability within the student body. He also met with MacEwan Student Centre vendors to discuss becoming styrofoam-free. To keep the students involved in further sustainability projects, Delaney worked with the Eco Club to distribute a student survey about them.

“It’s about giving students ownership of the projects,” Delaney said. “We want the students to decide the projects they want to pursue.”

If his first seven months are any indicators, we expect to see Delaney as a successful Blastoise by the time his term ends in April.

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