Spun: The Liptonians

By Josh Rose

From the depths of a Winnipeg basement come the Liptonians and their new album Let’s All March Back Into The Sea. Tagged as ‘pop-rock’ back in 2008, their live show paved the way for several cross-country tours.

Now with a new album out, they remain true to their roots while improving their songwriting, arrangement and production ability. Very reminiscent of U2, The Liptonians incorporate many instruments from guitars and pianos to multiple organs and trombones.

“Perfect Summers” is the album’s strongest song. It boasts simple guitar and an effective rhyme scheme which are both bolstered half-way through with the addition of maracas. “Roller Coaster” is another strong song, and it’s easy to see why the song did so well in Winnipeg Free Press’ My City, My Song contest.

Alternatively, “Growing Old in the City” is reminiscent of an old broadway theatre showing of Oliver Twist where every orphan in the 19th century English workhouse is singing in a monotonous depressed voice, and not in a good way.

Ultimately, the band is musically talented and are sure to garner acclaim with their latest release.

Josh Rose

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